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This is the first single in 2024 since the release of "envy" at the end of last year.
The song is a straightforward expression of his feelings about the Noto Peninsula earthquake that struck his hometown of Ishikawa Prefecture in January 2024, and the anxiety he felt about not knowing the safety of his local family and friends and not being able to do anything alone in a faraway place.
All proceeds from this song will be donated to the victims of the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake.

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  • yamadagalzing

    2001年生まれ。音楽のみならず故郷石川県やインターネット・ファッションなど様々なカルチャーを背景に2020年からSoundCloudを中心に活動開始し、 1st SINGLE”MyStory”で瞬く間に全国のヘッズたちを虜にした。 SoundCloudを基盤としたイベント”Demonia”など多くのイベントへの出演や、数々の楽曲で話題は尽きることなく、2023年6月に待望の1st アルバム"刹那流想i"をリリース。

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