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Participating work by JASRAC East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Assistance Project "Kokorone Project". lyrics & composed / Keach Kato Personnel: Keach Kato /vocal, e.guitar, a.guitar Yuzo Aizawa /drums Shinya Yamazaki /bass Ken 'Angel' Shinoda /e.piano Shigehiko Banno /mix & manipulations Hiromasa Kakizaki /mastering

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  • Keach Kato

    Debuted as "Virgin Blue"/SALLY Vo, G in 1984. In recent years, mainly on acoustic solos, Toshikatsu Uchiumi (ex. Carol), Tatsumi Nagasu, and many sessions and live shows. Produced the 2014 album "Pure Glass" and the 2016 "impress" (both sold under Airplane Label). In June 2018, the single "Just wait and see" (JASRAC's Great East Japan Earthquake support/Kokorone project participation work) will be distributed in normal and high resolution versions. In May 2019, "Little wing" Jimi Hendrix Cover will also be distributed in 2 ver. May 2020 Distribution of album "impress" started. August Keach Kato, Toshikatsu Uchiumi (ex. Carol), Tatsumi Nagasu (ex. Ryudo Uzaki/Yoshio Harada Sucking Rouge, etc.), Shinya Yamazaki, Nobuo Kawaguchi RESPECT 2 BLUES MEN Deliver live album double album from live.In May 2021, Goffin-Goldberg's 1973 masterpiece "It's not the spotlight", known for Rod Stewart and many other covers, was covered with new Japanese lyrics. Released one year after recording.

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