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One song "Kiss" representing ORIGINAL LOVE released in 1993 when Takao Tajima was active as a band.

After about 30 years, he has been active as a tourism ambassador for Kyoto City, whose singing ability was recognized by Boyz II Men, Masato Nakamura of DREAMS COME TRUE, and Sota Hanamura of Da-iCE. Official cover release by WITHDOM.

This is the 4th official cover work following the 1st official cover "A HAPPY NEW YEAR / Yumi Matsutoya", the 2nd "Hakujitsu / King Gnu", and the 3rd "Gunsei / YOASOBI".

A SLOW JAM R & B sound that utilizes the taste of SOULFUL original songs by producer TATSUYA who is involved in songs such as JAMOSA, Chris Hart, Sonar Pocket, Kana Nishino, RADIO FISH, etc. The best cover that seems to be WITHDOM.

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    Formed in Kyoto in 2017. In November 2019, they were appointed as "Kyoto Tourism Hospitality Ambassadors" by Kyoto City, and later appointed as "Kyoto Tourism Global Supporters" with the newly established mission of promoting "Kyoto Tourism Morality" abroad starting August 2022. WITHDOM's "On Bended Knee" cover was introduced to the entire world on Instagram by the Boyz II Men of the world, and whose singing ability have been recognized by Japanese famous artists. Official cover releases of songs by King Gnu, Yumi Matsutoya, and others, as well as "Gunjou" by YOASOBI released in November 2021 and "RIDE ON TIME" by Tatsuro Yamashita released in July 2022, have received worldwide web news in Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Mexico and more. The original songs "Tetris" and "RIDE ON TIME" were selected for the J-POP power play of the FM station "DJFM" in Surabaya, Indonesia and reached the highest position of #5 and #2 on the J-POP weekly chart. WITHDOM sang and SMOOTH wrote the lyrics to "We are," the image song for the Osaka Monorail's "EXPO TRAIN 2025 Osaka Monorail-go," the official design for the Osaka-Kansai Expo Association's wrap train announced on 11/7. The song "We are" was sung by many people from all over the world including China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Poland, Peru, and other countries around the world participated in the recording of the chorus part. They have received high acclaim both in Japan and abroad for the quality of their music and their live performance ability, with "Escape," "Without you," and "Kotonoha" being long-time hits. They were selected to sing the national anthem at the Orix Buffaloes pre-game ceremony held on Saturday, May 13 of the same year, where their voices echoed throughout the stadium to great applause. On July 10, WITHDOM released their first official cover album "Somesing else," a compilation of their highly acclaimed series of official cover singles, including their unique Japanese R&B sound arrangements and chorus work. The album contains 8 songs in total, all arranged in WITHDOM's unique way. The 4th Mini Album "Dimension" released in December 2023 was picked up by iTunes Store and Apple Music in the R&B genre, and the song "Ghost" was selected as a featured track and an official playlist on Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc. The song "Ghost" was introduced as a recommended song by THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE members in a radio program broadcast on January 22, 2024. From January 2024, 12 consecutive months of digital single releases will be made, the first one "KILALI" and the second one "VENUS", which will be selected in the official playlists of each distribution site such as Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music. The 7th anniversary single will be released on March 26, 2024 (Tuesday), the band's 7th anniversary, with Kaoru Kurosawa of The Gospellers as composer and vocal producer, and will feature a medium-slow R&B sound and Kaoru Kurosawa's direct vocal and chorus work. The album is a pure love love song with a medium-slow R&B sound and Kaoru Kurosawa's direct vocal and chorus work. In 2024, the 7th anniversary of the band's formation, "WITHDOM 7th Anniversary Tour "LUCKY 7 "" was held. The four-member vocal performance group WITHDOM, which has already garnered attention for its 12 consecutive monthly releases, Zepp Namba solo show, and 7th anniversary tour in 2024, is expected to make great strides forward.

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