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  • Asuka Ouchi

    Born in Tokyo, April 9, 1988. Graduated from the Department of Instrumental Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2011. In 2019, she released her first mini-album "Daydream" with all song tie-ups, including the TV Asahi figure skating anthem "Winter Tale". In 2020, he participated as a string instrument in songs by various artists, including playing violin on Seiko Matsuda's 40th anniversary album. In 2021, as a JTB cruise ambassador, he will perform "OCEANS OF LOVE", the ending theme song "Kaze" of the Commercial Broadcasting Education Association "Nihon no Chikara", "One Life" and "Niji no yokan" as tie-up songs for Cocochi Cosmetics CM, and in 2022 In 2023, they will release their 2nd mini album "RAINBOW", CM tie-up songs "Lilac" and "You are loved", and in 2023, they will release the Meiho Ham CM tie-up song "WORLD PARADE". From September 2022, we will begin continuous distribution of the classic cover series.

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