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2024年1月13日リリースのFRONT LINEから連続のリリースとなるFUTURE SHOCK!
scratchには引き続きDJうちそんを迎え、ラッパー陣はfeat.にお馴染みのkabu(from TRAVE)と新たにE.P.OからTO-Kaも参戦し、畳みかける4人連続のラップで攻撃力MAXの楽曲となっている。未来に向かう者達への希望・期待・不安や歴史・先人の足跡の重要性等を4人それぞれの視点でラップしお届けする。ノリの良さと重厚感を併せ持った楽曲であり、ライブで盛り上がること必死!

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  • N.B.S

    2-MC RAP unit of PNK and racci, released their first single "CULTURE KNOWLEDGE" in 2009. After a number of activities, in 2013, they moved on as 2 MCs of the mixing band FATIMA and released an album with a nationwide release. In 2023, they resumed full-fledged activities as N.B.S., and have been active ever since. They are planning to release a series of new albums in the future and to be active energetically. Don't miss racci's flowing musical flow with a street vibe, and PNK's uniquely timed flow and solid rhymes. PNK also produces tracks that are based on 90s boombop, but build on the new normal HIPHOP tracks. The REAL HIPHOP expressed by the two with their unique worldview is a must-check!

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