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Solo project as h u m m
Long-awaited 1st single "Chatter"
"I hate today for no reason"
The poison, conflicts, and evil parts that everyone has
As a modern-day "Human", he has put it into realistic lyrics.
A catchy and groovy soundtrack
It is a number that he pursued with his own music crew.
This is a song that makes her deep, soulful singing voice even more captivating.

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  • h u m m

    H U M M is a singer-songwriter from Tokyo. After experiencing activities as a pop music unit, she started a solo project as h u m m to pursue herown music. h u m m (ham) is a word coined from her own personality: Harmony, Human, Humor. Her roots are in R&B and Jazz, and she uses the harmony work she learned from singing in chorus since childhood in her own lyrics and compositions. She is also pursuing music making as a member of the H U M M crew with friends from music school. Lyrics with strong messages and young adult grooves are h u m m's humor.

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