Hi, this is Wild Side Boys Wild Side Boys In 2019, Wild Side Boys resumed activity for the first time in 24 years The music you play The so-called Mentai Rock guy That is the basis I think that some people have never heard the word Mentai Rock, but please search a bit later on the net Well, briefly explaining, there was a time when the music scene in Fukuoka was very exciting from the latter half of 1970 to the first half of 1980 It seems that it was so exciting that people came to see Fukuoka bands from all over Japan. After all, I'm an elementary school student at that time, so I don't experience rock in real time, but I think Mods, ARB, Roosters, and Rockers are the core of rock. It was Yokomichi-bozu, Street Beats, GD Flickers who were influenced by the Mentai Rock and made a debut in the band and were active. The, Sham's later Handled's, the Colts' later Mac Show after ROLLIE, but I was influenced by junior high and high school students. WILDSIDE BOYS is influenced by such bands and plays the music that inherits its spirits. If you like rock music or rock and roll Please buy a single and listen Biography 1991 when Bob was 18 years old Vocal guitar bob Guitar Eto Base Tanikawa Drum Takasugi Wildside Boys' predecessor band SkyJacks was formed by four of them. Based in the live house Amy, he actively performs live once a month. Participated in events such as Live House Amy It's a sequel. 1992 Demo tape 10-track Skyjacks released. From around this time, he appeared in Live House Heart Beat. In the same year, Skyjacks disbanded. It's a sequel. 1993 Vocal guitar Taniguchi Guitar bob Base Inoue Drum Takasugi Wild Side Boys was formed by 4 people. Released a single demo tape [Gangbang]. Live house amy Vibre hall Heartbeat Lively in. Participated in events at Koran Women's Junior College. Disbanded the same year. 1994 Shinsuke Okabe, who was a high school student at the time, joined the group based on the introduction of seniors at the university. Vocal guitar bob Guitar Eto Base Okabe Drum Takasugi Wild Side Boys resumed with 4 people. From this time, he appeared in the live house drum once a month. He also appeared in the live house Vivere Hall once a month, but after Bob kicked the mic stand, he was banned. FM Fukuoka and City Information The representative song [Innocence] won the audition project in Fukuoka and appeared in the public live. Release of 10-track demo tapes with dirty face angels From around this time, he appeared on the drum B1 that was on the Chikushi exit side of Hakata station at that time. Appeared several times in the Dead Men's Curve event. It's a sequel. 1995 With the departure of guitarist Eto We change band name to three-piece band Wild Guns and are active. I actually had a few live shows and then disbanded. After 21 years In 2016, Bob wanted to restart his band again and joined Sunhouse's copy band with a guitar in order to recruit Sander Tech. Natural disappearance without a base. 2017 Bob joins band Sake Doji with guitar He appeared three times at the live house piece but withdrew. 2017 Bob joins the sweet milkies predecessor band Damned Copy Band. 2018 Bob performs a live activity once a month as a guitar of Sweet Milkies. April 2019 Sweet Milkies and Bob, who have been energetic, do not match the schedule Leaves Sweet Milkies. I want a band activity that I can do at my own pace A miraculous encounter occurs here. For the first time in 24 years, Bob and Okabe are on SNS Meet again through a common acquaintance. May 2019 Talk about 5 hours old stories at an izakaya and pledge to reunite each other. June recruiting members Two people perform acoustic rehearsal. October 2019 Guitar Midnight Runner Drum jet joins December 29 Live at Live Bar Alan End in great success At the end of that live, the jet of drums left February 2020 New drummer Sho-chan joins Self-restraint due to the effects of coronavirus Preparing to resume activities

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