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Takeru Ida

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This is his first solo album, and as the title suggests, it's a chill-out mid-number in Japanese that conveys the message of letting go and living your life as you wish.

The lo-fi beat, deep and delicate singing voice, and uplifting melody combine to make you feel as if the pressure on your shoulders is gradually being released.

"Don't forget to keep it now. It's sure to be a treasure."
This is a cheering song with lyrics that gently push you back.

Artist Profile

  • Takeru Ida

    A singer-songwriter from Osaka. With a unique voice that combines delicacy and strength, her songwriting, which takes a deep breath while relaxing, illuminates the lives of the listeners. In addition to songwriting and composing, he also makes and arranges his own tracks and supports other artists as a producer, arranger, and composer. Since 2006, he has also been active as the frontman of the band ``PURPLE HUMPTY''. In 2024, he will finally start his solo career.

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