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  1. Spring Lover
  2. Kati Kati
  3. Roll Pusher

Re-constructed recordings of hardware-driven session by Tokyo-based techno-duo, to make a soundscape of machine-live based on improvisation which tremors the dance floor.

Our 3rd episode of collaboration series is presented by Tokyo-based techno duo consist of CD HATA from Dachambo, one of the most well-known jam band in Japan, and KOYAS, a certified trainer of music making software - Ableton Live.
Their new release is under the theme of improvisation of machine performance in the principal of "Play as it flows and be spot on".

Once they do theme stuff, prepare their gears like music gear shop, then they start to play around with loads of synthesizers, rhythm machines and effectors together then they re-constructed the recordings of their session. Their sound is based on improvisation which tremors dance floors.



a Tokyo-based artist, producer, educater and label founder. He had teamed up with various artists like DJ Yogurt, CD HATA. On 2013, founded his label, psymatics. On 2014, became an Ableton Certified Trainer as one of first Japanese trainers, and founded Ableton Meetup Tokyo, a Tokyo based music maker' s community.

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