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A piano was added to the tracks recorded on the compilation CD in 2021.
The song "Sakura", which has expanded the world view, has been released as a new Acoustic Version.

Artist Profile

  • 1-E

    Formed in 2002 by Vocal's Shogo Ishiwatari. In January 2007, he made his major debut from Victor Entertainment with a mini-album. In 2012, he produced the support song "burn out" for the Yokohama racing team Team KAGAYAMA. With that song, he has been continuously supporting live performances at the Suzuka 8 Hours event held at the Suzuka Circuit since the same year. Released the 3rd album "Re-Birth" from Teichiku Entertainment in 2015. Became a current member in 2019, and is active mainly in local Shonan and Yokohama. 2020 Band notation changed from 1-E to katakana notation Ichinoi.

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