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A raging development spun in six-eighths time. The floating electronic sounds, mixed with the exotic atmosphere of the folk music chorus, and the swaying piano at the end. A chaotic and intense piece of music.

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Da Meda Ta Physika

iTunes Store • Psychedelic TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 9 • 6 Nov 2023 Apple Music • Psychedelic Top Songs • Japan • TOP 193 • 14 Nov 2023

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  • Kazki Sakamoto

    He expresses himself through a wide range of musical genres and Vocaloid P with a huge and magnificent view of the world. The blurring of pitches, the dissonance, the alluring melodies are unstable, yet full of unique charm. The feeling of discomfort upon first listen turns into a pleasant sensation when you realize it. In 2013, he started his career under the name Yomei0401 (Yomei Oshimai). His third album, "DIO RAMA CITY," debuted at ranked #28 on the iTunes Japan Alternative Albums chart. In 2023, as a milestone of 10 years, he changed his name to "Kazki Sakamoto". He creates not only music, but also paintings and stories, and has gained recognition for his worldview. It will come when you forget. Don't forget. See you soon.

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