Nobody's Dance

  1. Nobody's Dance

To dance, or not to dance, is that the question? oookay!!!, a Funk'n'Roll trio consists of 3 real brothers, presents the boldest groove to all the "nobodys". All the world's a dance floor, and all the men and women merely dancers. Just dance with your hands empty, Nobody's Dance!!!


A Funk'n'Roll trio consists of 3 real brothers (oka + oka + oka = oookay!!!) from Tokyo, Japan. Started to play in 2016 to make the world more and more grooovy. One of their roots might be a groove of 90's rock, but once you listen to their songs, their diverse musical backgrounds include Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Indie, R&B - to name a few! oookay!!! may look like a kind of typical "Power Trio", but with the help of some Power Tools like the vocoder or synthbass, they are keeping their roots whilst also evolving their own sound, so listeners will never know what'll happen next! If you would like to meet a new sound than anything you've ever heard, just try oookay!!! and be grooovy!!! I am ok, You are ok, We are oookay!!!

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