Decrease of Mind Fatigue

  1. Gentle wind
  2. Gifts from the South Island
  3. The scenery
  4. Wave splash dance
  5. Mermaid
  6. Swinging flower
  7. Seven colors of tropical fish
  8. Three seagulls
  9. Twilight
  10. Coastline
  11. Nebula

Produced by Masaya Uechi (member of the Japan Music Therapy Association), supervised by Takashi Tomita (psychologist)

[Inaudible message activates subconsciousness]
It will relieve tension and fatigue and refresh your neck, shoulders and your entire body.

The medicinal performance series is a music therapy that heals the stress that tends to fall in everyday life with a hint message analyzed and devised from the aspect of cognitive psychology and good music.

The narration is inserted into the music at a volume, frequency, and speed that is hard to hear for 36 minutes in 50 minutes, and the narration (not heard by the ear) becomes an implicit message that naturally creates subconsciousness. 80% of respondents say they feel effective in a two-year clinical trial.

Uechi Masaya

Music Producer: Masaya Uehi (Ueshi Masaya) Member of the Japanese Music Therapy Association (Became a member of the Japan Bio Music Society before 1993) Birth date October 26, 1954 Born in Tokyo. He specialized in music effects, 1980s, Yamamoto Kanzai, Chanel and other fashion show music, ballet music, show directing a lot. In addition, we have done numerous advertisements and displays of nationally developed jewelry stores. Since the 1990's he produced music of psychological effect such as healing music and released 18 as subliminal effect CD which has never existed. Supervised by Komazawa Women's University Professor Psychologist: Takashi Tomita, psychiatric nurse scientist: Masayoshi Kawano, etc. We made clinical experiments on the produced CD and confirmed its effectiveness and safety. In 1997, we released all five phonemic therapy series using the 1 / f fluctuation effect. Furthermore, in 1998, we released 3 stress free series using 1 / f fluctuation effect. Since 2001, we have released 25 whole pharmacies series. As of 2018 he is currently active as a website producer, medicinal research institute / music therapy department specialist, music producer.

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