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4s4ki announces new songs from September to 4th of every month.

The new song on 10/4 (Friday) will be a digital single release of "escape from" which is very popular in LIVE.

This song contains the idea that "I am separated in my dreams, and your precious I may destroy you."

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escape from

iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 9 • 4 Oct 2019 iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Sweden • TOP 30 • 2 May 2020 Apple Music • Alternative Top Songs • Macao • TOP 185 • 9 Jul 2020

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escape from

Spotify • キラキラポップ:ジャパン • 8 Oct 2019

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  • 4s4ki

    "4s4ki (pronounced ASAKI)" is a new generation artist who is introducing new alternative pop music from Tokyo to the world. She is capable of writing, composing, and arranging music, as well as making tracks using DTM, and playing the piano on her own. Her lyrics, which could be called a "record of self-love," spinning anguish, sorrow, and joy in words that are sometimes raw and realistic, are gaining sympathy mainly from people in their teens and twenties. The song has attracted a lot of attention from overseas, and has been selected as one of the official overseas official playlists on streaming services. In April 2021, she made her major label debut on Victor/Speedstar Records. They are scheduled to release her debut album "Castle in Madness" in July of the same year. In August, she is going to perform at Japan's largest outdoor festival, FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'21. 4s4ki is a one of the hottest female artists of the 2020s.

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