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Beautiful Life


Sugai Family

Beautiful Life

  1. Beautiful Life

YouTube men's unit!

Debuted just one month after the formation, and released the original song [Beautiful Life].

Vocal: eldest son NOBU, second son JIN
Lap: third son JOE
Tambourine & Photo: Dad

YouTube program featuring Sugai family and SisterS
[JM Channel] is a must-see!

Sugai Family

Sugai family Father: Soichiro Sugai is a professional photographer. Shoot from the Emperor to entertainers and athletes. Eldest son: NOBU is 5th in Japan. Also active as an Instagrammer. Second son: JIN artist has FAN all over Japan. Mitsuo: JOE rapper national TV commercial appearance A quadruple unit with a background. Active as a YouTube unit!

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