Body temperature

  1. Shinkirou
  3. Kimitonara
  4. Baby, baby
  5. Timelimit_tsugete
  6. Yoru ni ukabu
  7. Lovesong wa kikiakita danannte usoda
  8. Bye bye amanojyaku

Weakness, pain, suffering, sadness.
Even if all of them don't disappear immediately, you'll probably like yourself when you finish listening to this album.


A deep bass with rich overtones that can produce as low a voice as men. Husky and neutral midrange. Beautiful, transparent and reverberating treble. The singing voice that changes the expression of each song brings a vivid feeling to every corner of the invisible emotion. Music that conveys breathing. The sensibility created by the good old J-Pop and the choice of unique words seems to be a nostalgic and new song. There is no loss in your life. When you want to cry, when you are happy, you will always want to hear.

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