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Brilliant Grassland

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Brilliant Grassland

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  • coba

    coba -Accordionist, Composer- -When Björk saw coba perform in London, she immediately asked coba to join her world tour- He has released 46albums of his music to date. coba has won several international accordion competitions including the 30th CMA world accordion competition at Vienna in 1980. He has released CDs in Europe and Japan, even reaching no.1 in the charts. coba has come to be more than a name - it means music which crosses thematic boundaries and which has a world-wide influence. After Björk saw coba perform in London in the late 90's, she immediately asked coba to join her world tour. They toured over 60 countries in 3 years and it had a stunning success. Since then, he has become of the most renowned Japanese artists and he has spent 30 years regularly touring Europe. coba has dramatically transformed the traditional image of the accordion into a new form, compatible with the contemporary Pop music climate. This form has arguably come to be known as a genre in itself - 'coba'. coba is a prodigious composer who is currently working on sound tracks for films, traditional and modern Japanese theatre, TV and TV advertisements including music of POKEMON. His role is composer, producer and performer, including working with orchestras.

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