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"I now stand up with sacred rage" - This song is the spiritual message of the goddess Lake Dongting who has been protecting China since the age of mythology, under the name of the Supreme God of the Earth. This strong song claims "Power to the People" and is a strong determination from Heaven to stop the serious violation of human rights on the Asian communist totalitarian area, for the future of humankind. (Words and Music by Ryuho Okawa / Song by kouta / Arrangement by Sayaka Okawa and Naoyuki Tabata)

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The Water Revolution

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  • kouta

    kouta is a Japanese singer-songwriter from Aomori, Japan. She decided to pursue a career in singing at the age of 19 when she visited New York and was impressed by the music scene there. While performing live at cafes, clubs, and restaurants in the Tokyo metropolitan area, she also performed for TV shows and commercials. In her twenties, she traveled abroad by herself to directly experience a variety of arts, cultures, and diverse values of Asia, Europe, the U.S., Europe, and Central America in order to polish her artistic senses. Her debut single "Hikari no Wakusei" ("Planet of Light")was released on December 11, 2013. As a mother of twins, she explores music that conveys the beauty and harmony of the universe while keeping in mind the familiarity of everyday life.

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