In the wake of Doshin, the GIANT (Soundtrack album for Nintendo 64+64DD game "Doshin, the GIANT 1" 2023 Remaster) Front Cover

In the wake of Doshin, the GIANT (Soundtrack album for Nintendo 64+64DD game "Doshin, the GIANT 1" 2023 Remaster)

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Soundtrack album for the NINTENDO game "Doshin the Giant 1" released in 2000 by Tatsuhiko Asano, who has used guitars and electronics to create a pictorial world.
For many years, Asano himself sold handmade CDRs in response to many requests for re-releases even after sales ended. However, when it was re-released as an analog disc in 2022, more than 20 years after its release, it received a great response, and the CD has been reissued in its original design, remastered with bonus tracks, and re-released.
The story takes place on a mysterious southern island where giants appear. At the beginning of the production, Kazutoshi Iida, the director of the game, presented an image of "the music of Akira Ifukube arranged by Martin Denny and performed by the Residents. Asano's own "scenery around me" was fused into the world of the game's soundtrack, creating a dreamscape that cannot be easily categorized as exotic, as if it were a picture postcard landscape that I had never visited, but was photographed in the landscape again.
The production of this work began when the development of the game had almost settled down, and although it was made as a demo, it ended up containing many songs that did not appear in the game. Also, at the time of development, it was difficult to play realistic sound sources in the main game, so the soundtrack broke free from this limitation and recorded many acoustic instruments, which can be said to be out of the category of "game sounds". This is not only a soundtrack, but also a collection of music from another parallel world that follows in the wake of Doshin the Giant.

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Artist Profile

  • Tatsuhiko Asano

    Tatsuhiko was born in 1966, Japan, started playing the guitar and multi-recordings since 14 years old. Besides he was majoring the paintings in university, had joined several bands and composed solo works with a cassette MTR. In 1996, released his first solo 7-inch vinyl "Bonjour" from a label: M.O.O.D/donut. After that, in parallel of presenting solo works for compilations of the Techno/electronika label such as Transonic or Daisy World, had supported the GPP, Pacific 231 and other projects as a guitarist. In 2000, he released the soundtrack "In the Wake of Dosin,the GIANT" for Nintendo game software "Doshin the Giant I".Released first full-album "Genny Haniver" from Alec Empire's label Geist under the DHR in 2001. In 2004, he takes charge of music work of "the advance guard fashion show of Yayoi Kusama" of a contemporary art artist's Yayoi Kusama. In 2005,he participates in the remix album "The Good Son VS The Only Daughter/The Blemish Remix" of David Sylvian. He released 2nd album "Spacewatch" from AKICHI RECORDS in 2008. He is mainly performing live activity in Tokyo now.

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