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Sacra e sole released their first anime song "Feather Flap" on April 17.

The manga "Oi! The TV anime of the series, which has sold over 1.9 million copies, has started broadcasting!
As the opening theme song, the lyrics are drawn based on the feelings of the main character: Tonbo Oi and the background of Tokara Island, and as the opening theme song, it is an exciting and up-tempo song. "TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI", who is in charge of the ending theme song, participated as a player in the recording. I also want you to pay attention to the sound.
It will be a fun song that will liven up the anime and will spread its wings with the anime!

A music video for the song will also be released on the day of the release.
It was a work that I wanted to enjoy with music and video.

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    【Sacra e sole】とは“神聖なものと太陽”という意味をもつユニットでサクラ・エ・ソーレと読みます。 Vo.川人雅代Key.オバタコウイチで2014年にSacra e sole結成。 2020年3月よりBSテレ東『ワタシが日本に住む理由』エンディングテーマ曲「虹の彼方で」 / 「ドロンコ軽トラのKISEK!」を担当 2022年映画『ビーバップのおっさん』主題歌・イメージソングをはじめ劇中BGMにも初トライ!! 全国各地のイベントやライブハウスなど精力的に活動中!! まず私たちの音楽に触れてみてください。

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