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amaranthus depicts the strength and beauty of the "individual".

This is the second release from the "vase" label, a collaboration with the flower brand "LIFFT," which holds up the concept of "Flower Subsk x Music = Farm to Vase - from the farm to your home (vase).

Fuki Kitamura released "amaranthus" with guest Misaki Umei on piano.


When I listened to amaranthus, I was freed from the complicated internal conflict that makes me cohabitate anxiety and longing for being an individual.

This music that is playing now quietly inspires me.

amaranthus floats free.


Words and Music by Kitamura Fuki
Piano by Misaki Umei
Recording by Yoshimasa Wakui
Mixing.Mastering by Hiroaki Sato
Photo by Yuki Kudo - BOTANIC.Inc
Flower by

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  • Fuki Kitamura

    Born in Kaminoyama City Yamagata Prefecture in 2003. Started learning piano and childrens songs from a young age and later participated in the national finals of the -National Childrens Song Singing Contest- as a representative of the Tohoku region. In junior high school began playing the guitar and started musical activities centered on singing and playing. Released her first digital single -amaranthus feat. Misaki Umei- in March 2023 and performed at -ROOKIE A GO-GO- at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 23. Her musical style which mixes various genres such as dance music jazz folk and electronica, has attracted attention. Additionally. she participated in the remix of -Ichigo Milk- by tomggg feat. Ena Mori contributed to the original soundtrack of the drama -Chikyu no Arukikata- by Tomita Lab. and engages in DJ activities under the name -asak- garnering attention for her multifaceted activities.

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