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Dortmund Moon Sliders - DMS
"For producing our own sounds, for producing our own films we are looking for. We need to create all by ourselves. We are the DIY creative team from Tokyo."

This is our first EP including 5 songs named after our own teams' name.

All songs are written, recorded, mixed and mastered by the member of the team. We tried to introduce elements of some music genres. (for example, city pop, traditional guitar rock music, country music and dream pop etc...)

All songs are sung in Japanese, have wishes to cheer people all over the world up.

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Weekend Sun

Spotify • Edge! • 27 May 2020

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  • Dortmund Moon Sliders

    A four-member creative team from Tokyo. The members themselves handle the music production, video production, art direction, and other aspects related to the band. They started their activities in May 2019 under the theme of "Do It Yourself. All members work for general companies while performing music. The band mixes city pop, guitar rock, country, Britpop, and various other genres of music, both Western and Japanese, with a focus on "melodies that anyone can sing along to" and creates songs based on their own interpretations.

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