Sputnik Sunrise

  1. Faust
  2. angst and an answer
  3. blacktail butterfly
  4. Sputnik
  5. Kohakuiro No Kodoku
  6. FqLqWay
  7. P5yChedE1ic AuXiliuM
  8. Miracle in the Maze (album ver.)
  9. Films
  10. Merry's Last World
  11. Sekai Ga Owaru Asa
  12. here

tokyo babel 1st full album

tokyo babel

tokyo babel is a Japanese music duo formed by Nene Akagawa (Vocalist / Videographer) and Yuni Minami (Composer) in 2014. We represent 'A wonder world' by our music. Our goal is to provide people worldwide our music without the necessity of understanding each other's culture and language.

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