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This is the first collaboration between DJ YEN, a DJ/beat maker based in Tokyo, and Varria, a singer belonging to Good Town Pizza.

This song blends Varria's catchy melodies, mainly in English, with DJ YEN's specialty, Afrobeat music, while maintaining a multinational identity.

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  • DJ YEN

    DJ/Producer from Sapporo. He moved to Los Angeles, California, where he experienced DJing at clubs and collaborating with local artists to produce music before returning to Japan. After returning to Japan, he belonged to the lifestyle label "Chilly Source" for about 6 years, and released DJ videos on YouTube and an EP [Tokyo Vocalists]. Currently, he is working as a solo beat maker, focusing on music production. Translated with (free version)

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  • Varria

    Varria is a singer/songwriter from Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Born in 2023. Varria is a "self-proclaimed" genre-defying artist. (On the contrary, I have been called a genre-bound artist...) Fusing his roots in Western music from the 70s to the 00s with songs up to the present day. He is transmitting music full of originality through his own sense of style.

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