Naked eyes who fell in a dream of a wolf

In the light of a candle swaying lightly, a woman's white finger slowly slides off the sunburned man's chest. A bright red manikuwa, like a muddy liquid squeezed out of the blood vessels, makes the man's body crawl. White skin of a woman who sticks. While exhaling too vague sighs, the hot burning woman's eyes will eventually become empty.


Since the 1980s, he has been using computers (Macintosh) to handle music activities (songs, composition, arrangement, performance) and commercial music production. At that time, he formed a band "VISION" that used a computer that was still rare on the front. After a member change, in 1984, he won a number of contests including the Grand Prix at Sapporo Music Festival. Actively develop music activities such as live shows and concerts. After that, while I was absent from the band, I formed "WISH SIDE" with two members in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and engaged in volunteer activities. Participated in a charity concert to reunite the families who had evacuated to Hokkaido with the families who remained in Miyagi Prefecture. Paused music activities after about 3 years of activity. In 2018, Satoshi Koga, Yoshiki Nakajima, and Yukari Sato, a new vocalist, added "WISH SIDE" again.

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