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"Tsubaki" is an artwork where deep, profound Japanese beauty and beats symbolizing the pulse of life intertwine.

Beats that capture the rhythm of the heart and construct moment by moment give vitality to the listener, and the simple yet wavering serene tones color the everyday living space with a fantastical soundscape.

The resonance of rhythm and vitality born between "Tsubaki" and the listener creates a form of new installation art as a truly personal musical experience.

The artwork is by Yuki Kudo, the Director of, which operates LIFFT.

Capturing fallen Tsubaki responding to the crisp beats, expressing the beauty and ephemeral nature of life.

The contrast between the dignified blue space and the Tsubaki is extremely beautiful, poetically depicting the Tsubaki that remains proudly beautiful even when fallen.

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    "Expression linked with the environment and sound" Creating sounds that complement the environment, and making sounds with the ambient noise as the main theme, We're exploring sound creation that aims for a synergistic effect with the environment. Performing in the outdoors and capturing these performances on video.

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