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  1. Ashitaenoomiyage

A new award, awarded for the T-Dream Award, a newly-established award at the Charity · Karaoke Tournament, "A Star of the Aiming Radio" sponsored by the Tannan Dream Radio (Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture) on March 4, 2018 is.
The T-Dream Award is a prize for which the songwriter composer and arranger Nao Kimura selects and offers music to that person and releases it nationwide by distribution.
Masaki Terashima won the prize for the first time.
Mr. Terashima recorded this song for about half a year, with friends Mr. Yoshihiro Uede who formed an acoustic unit, and this time we decided to release this song as "Masayoshi" that unit.


It is an acoustic unit which is active mainly in Fukui prefecture. Members are Masaki Terashima (vocals and guitar), Ryo Hiroki (chorus and guitar). The clear voice of Terashima Masaki and the sound of the bass of Yoshihiro Yoshihiro create a harmonious harmony.

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