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The first full album released to the world with 1. G. K full of bands for the band's 10th anniversary, and the best masterpiece. "Circles" means "life" As the circle can only be drawn in a single stroke, it means that all lives are in one-way time that can not turn back, all of which are connected. Singing digital rock from a small room in Kyoto and starting activities 1. How K. became to sing life to the world with live sounds and words, a piece of which the locus aggregated. As a circle and a circle connect with each other by a rim This piece becomes the edge (circle) connecting you and someone.

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iTunes Store • Alternative TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 36 • 4 Aug 2020

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  • 1.G.K

    [ABOUT "1.G.K"] 'From KYOTO to the WORLD' -From Kyoto to the world- is a five-member ROCK BAND from Kyoto. [HISTORY] 2005 Break Dance Team "Ichigeki" to which KATSU belongs won the second place in Battle Of The Year 2005. After returning from the tournament, in order to start BAND activities, which was another thing KATSU wanted to do, he launched "1.G.K" whose name was derived from "Ichigeki" and started activities. 2010 KATSU is the only Japanese to win FINALIST 20 at the LINKIN PARK "the catalyst" REMIX contest. 2011 A comprehensive art event "Belief" started as one of the places where artists, performers, dancers, and band members all can share the same "music" as a bridge to showcase genres that do not usually interact in the same space, and where they can respect and stimulate each other. ] was held by 1.G.K. 2012 Appeared at TED×KYOTO (2012/9/16), where researchers and artists from various fields, including Bill Clinton (former US President and politician), gave lectures. 2015 It will be a system of current members. The 1st E.P. "Re:Birth" CD will be released at venues only. "Will be distributed worldwide at a later date." 2016 Appeared in TAKASAKI MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 and advanced to the final stage. Co-starred with Mr. Tomoyasu Hotei. The general art event "Belief" was restarted at Kyoto MUSE. 2017 1st Full Album "Circle" released nationwide. "Will be distributed worldwide at a later date." The music video for "Gate Keeper" was featured on Kansai TV's "Otoemon" monthly pick-up. The music video for "The Most Beautiful Hands" was selected as a monthly pick-up for "Music File" on ABC Mainichi Broadcasting. Album Release Event "Belief" was held at Shibuya club asia and Kyoto MUSE (SOLD OUT). 2018 1.G.K / KYOTO Belief Executive Committee / General Incorporated Association changes / Office Takatani will jointly host "Belief FES 2018" at Kyoto World Heritage Toji Temple. (approximately 2000 visitors) 2019 "Belief FES 2019" will be held at the World Heritage Toji Temple. (Approximately 4,000 people attended) On the same day, the CD of the 2nd full album "Belief" was released at the venue only. "Will be distributed worldwide at a later date." 2020 "Belief FES 2020" has been canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Delivered LIVE "Noroshi" with no audience at Shiga U-STONE. 2021 Belief FES 2021, which was scheduled to be held in June, has been postponed to August. Due to the declaration of a state of emergency, it has been postponed again to November. "Belief FES 2021" will be held at Kyoto KBS HALL on November 23 (tue/holiday). 2022 From September 10th (sat) to September 11th (sut), "Belief FES 2020" was scheduled to be held in Kyoto / Heian Jingu / Okazaki Park, which was canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. FES 2023" will be held for 2 days. 2023 "Belief FES 2023" will be held from October 14th (sat) to October 15th (sut). [WORKS] Kyoto Wacoal: Sound source production for web commercials. Cygames: Sound source for "Shadowverse" TV commercial.

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