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Strolling through my mind

Where everything has a shape of time

Thought you could see me today

Look above the sky

And you’ll find yourself

But don’t let me

Cause you know who I am

I only hear the sounds of air

And the empty words that fail to rhyme

And that is all I see in you

Feeling fine, beneath the skies

All you have to do is tell me what it’s like to be with me

And it’s best to keep it tight

So don’t let me be outta your sight

Cause you wouldn’t get anything that can tell where the moon was

But you make it so hard

Fading stars, in your eyes

Thinking blind, to realize

Free your mind

And taste the feeling like a queer kind

Think of me as a light in the night

Leaving footprints of the dead

When I was here, without a tear

I was alone and turned on the radio

And it was coming on

So look around

And take it to the moon, a supermoon

It’s you

Contemplated lies

Waiting to be found

Faded purple skies

Making things slow down

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Moonshot Front Cover

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日本のバンドVegの1st EP。ファンキーなバンドサウンドを軸に、古き良きロックンロールやソウルの要素のほか、90年代以降のヒップホップ・オルタナティブロックのアイデア等をミックスして作られた4曲入り。宇宙の歴史からワンちゃんの触り心地まで、心惹かれること全てをキャッチーなメロディに載せて歌っている。

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Spotify • She Rocks • 16 Nov 2022

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  • Veg

    A band formed in 2021. Their music is characterized by a combination of pop and simple melodies with elements of soul, funk and other music. Vo.&Gt. Momoko Ba. Nagasaha Dr. Toshiro

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