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TV Asahi dorama premium reigen-ohatsu furueruiwa

Yoshinori Nakamura

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Artist Profile

  • Yoshinori Nakamura

    Yoshinori Nakamura, born in 1995 in Tokyo, is a rising composer known for his versatile, cross-genre style that spans from grand orchestral works to ROCK, JAZZ, SOUL, HIP HOP, and more. He excels in creating unique and unparalleled musical worlds for soundtracks. His career as a composer took off when he met Tetsuya Takahashi, a composer known for his work on music for series such as ""APPLESEED"" and the Japanese version of ""Rick and Morty."" This encounter led to Nakamura joining the team as a composer for ""Starship Troopers: Red Planet,"" directed by Shinji Aramaki. Since then, Nakamura has expanded his portfolio to include providing music for projects like the ""FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE"" series, ""KINGDOM HEARTS III,"" and the TV anime ""KEMURIKUSA."" In recent years, he has further diversified his activities by composing music for numerous drama series such as ""Tomodachi Game R4"" and ""Lowyer Sodom."""