TOKYO (Ewig Wiederkehren)

  1. TOKYO (Ewig Wiederkehren)

Haru Nemuri released a digital single "TOKYO" on 12th October, 2018. This date is two year anniversary from her debut and this tune contained in her debut album "Goodbye, Youthphobia" was rerecorded.

She launched her career as Haru Nemuri, releasing her 1st mini album "Goodbye, Youthphobia".

After that, her activities were varied, including composing for an idol "Tokyo Girls' Style", radio personality and appearance in some commercials. While she has gotten various experiences of concerts like outdoor music festivals and overseas performances, she has continuously released new works including five singles and three albums at a certain span for this two years.

Now then, her new work is the reconstruction of the first song that she composed.

You will be able to enjoy the rearrangement of this toxic and disquieting track and the change of expression like swell of words produced in her effusiveness voice and screams compared to her debut.

This song is exactly named "TOKYO(Ewig Wiederkehren)" which has the subtitle meaning Eternal Recurrence in German. It is the idea forming the basis of Friedrich Nietzsche, who was a Germany philosopher, as which he explained that human beings should live cherishing each moment because the universe perennially repeats the circumduction.

ra_to who belongs to LOW HIGH WHO? PRODUCTION, to which she belonged, as NEW ARTIST from 2018 painted the cover image.


Haru Nemuri is a Japanese singer-songwriter and poetry rapper. She began her music career as a player of synthesizers in a band when she was 17 years old, and she suddenly began to perform as a poetry rapper at the age of 21. Since then, she has been Haru Nemuri and called herself as the singing ultimate weapon. After a few month beginning her career as Haru Nemuri, she performed at a Japanese summer music festival "BAYCAMP2016" as an opening act in September of 2016 even though she didn't release her official works. She released her debut mini album "Sayonara Youthphobia" in October of 2016. She did her first solo concert which was sold out three months later from her debut and performed at many different music festivals and concerts in the winter of 2016. And she has worked with energy. For example, she made tracks for other musicians, and she sang in some songs of other musicians as a guest rapper. In March of 2017 she released a CD on which her remix songs was recorded. And a year from beginning of Haru Nemuri's career, she released her second mini album "Atom Heart Mother" in June of 2017. This work was chosen as "Tower-recommen", which store staffs of CD shop "Tower Records" chose some good works from new release CDs every month. Just in that summer, she performed at a famous Japanese music festival "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017" because she won the audition, and did at other festivals as well. Furthermore, she composed for a movie ";the eternal/spring" in which a Japanese actress Haruka Imou played the lead in August of 2017. And a month later Haru Nemuri released a single CD "Hello@New World / Torikobosareta Machikara Ai Wo Komete" which was made by Haru Nemuri and Mariko Goto. In the milestone of a year from her debut, she did second solo concert at a hall "Musashino Koukaidou" in Kichijoji, Tokyo. This was the first concert at a hall for her. She was on Web CM of "Moi Lip" which was a medical lip cream made by Shiseido in November of 2017, and she sang and wrote lyrics for the song of that CM. From December of 2017 to February of 2018 she did a concert which she planned every months, she named this three concerts "Fuyu No Daisankaku". In January of 2018 she did her third solo concert. In addition, she began her career as a composer from 2018. She composed a song "Last Romance" for Tokyo Joshiryu which was an idol group belonging to Avex Management. Her latest release is "Harutosyura" on which 17 songs are included this spring. Because of this release she get more listeners not only in Japan but also in foreign countries. Haru Nemuri's music is Japanese pop songs for the new generation, and the heart of her music is rock'n'roll.

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