GASOLINE (feat. Rinoh)

  1. GASOLINE (feat. Rinoh)

10週連続シングル等で話題を呼び、次の動きが期待されているジャップペッパーのニューシングル。Team Tomodachi関連でおなじみの RINOH をフューチャーし、HAZE WAVE FILMS監修のミュージックビデオを引っさげ、盟友THBeatzのビートを起用!! 夏バテ解消にガソリン注入されること間違いなし!!

Japp Pepper

Japp Pepper is a Rapper from Kashihara City, Osaka Prefecture. Joined Hibrid Entertainment in 2018. Actively active before joining Hibrid Entertainment. After joining, HIBRID ENTERTAINMENT's first album "HIBRID or DIE Vol. 1" appeared in the forefront of joining, BK's 1st mixtape "Speedy Gold Ninja" guest appearance. Furthermore, in April this year, the singles will be released for 10 consecutive weeks, and it is one of the most promising artists in the future.

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