1. realization
  2. never letting go
  3. Crescent Moon
  4. you're Nxt
  5. Sweet* Witch* Girl* (long ver.)
  6. next to you (MRM REMIX) [feat. Kanon Tachibana & Morimori Atsushi]
  7. Party Vinyl (uma Remix) [feat. uma]
  8. GLORY:ROAD (long ver.)
  9. ETERNAL:DREAMER (long ver.)
  10. GLORY:ROAD (Aoi vs. siqlo's ''Overload'' RMX) [feat. Aoi & siqlo]
  11. you're Nxt -Dreams Remix- (feat. MisoilePunch)
  12. Re:End of a Dream (Game size)

uma vs. Morimori Atsushi's 2nd Full Album


Morimori Atsushi

A track maker that created countless original compositions and remixes, nurtured by various game music. He has a side with a personal view that cannot be swayed by modern music trends. He demonstrates his all-round talent with stylish tracks that spread across the genre spectrum. He has another side with a naive personality that contradicts with his stage name. He is an expert of producing soft, passion-filled music. One time, in a foot shop, he perplexed the waitress by suddenly chatting to her about life.

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Astral Sky vs. non-retrogradable rhythm