Twilight Dew

  1. Twilight Dew

futarinote 2 曲目となるこの楽曲は、渋滞した夜の高速道路を走っているときにできた曲です。 並んだ赤と黄色のランプ、夜の空に浮かぶ月や白い息。つらいことがあっても、誰か大切な人の側に居れば、その景色がいつもより輝いて見える...寒い冬に暖かな希望の光を感じた、そんな幸せの瞬間を形にした楽曲です。 皆さんのささやかな幸せの瞬間に寄り添う楽曲になればと思います。


vocal: Hori Katsura guitar: Funatomi Koyo 'futarinote' is an acoustic duo based in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan. We started to do collab on music app called "nana" from 2017. And we often had some gig in Kansai and Kanto region. In 2018, the cover song album "Leave Love Behind" is released, and took a release tour in the same year. This leads us to making some original songs. We launched our original career with the release of 'ふたりのおと' in 2019, by the success of Clowd-funding canpaign. (finished with 136% funding!) Our unit name 'futarinote' means "Playing the song just the two of us". Making the song for noticing the small hapiness in the daily life.

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