Rest In Peace

  1. Rest In Peace

"This song, 'Rest in Peace,' is about a friend that I lost to suicide. I wrote it, not as a tribute to him, but to express how he has touched my life.

For those of you who have lost a loved one, if this song could help you through your day, or just ease your pain for the few minutes it is playing, it would put a smile on my face."


SNoW is a Japanese singer-songwriter best known for her acclaimed work "Sakasama No Chou",the opening theme to the anime series "Jigoku Shoujo"(A.K.A. "Hell Girl"). She was born in Tokyo and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 5, making her a true Japanese and English native. Her bicultural background has influenced her musicality since, unveiling her talent as a lyricist at an early age of 13. Later, she returned back to Japan to release her single "Yes" under an indie label.Her work caught the attention of Sony Music Associated Records that led to the release of her major debut single "Hanabi Made Ato Sukoshi" in 2005. Her 2nd single, "Sakasama No Chou" sold 40,000 copies making it a long seller hit.After releasing 2 more singles, she released her first album "Hatsuyuki" in 2007. She was featured in SoulJa's self-cover song, "Soba Ni Irune" as Yukie for the first time after leaving Sony Music. In 2009, she joined Kazuya Yoshii's tour as a backing vocalist. In 2015, she recorded 2 songs on YUKI JOLLY ROGER's first album as a producer, "The Logbook I."

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