1. kakerumono

Addictive sweet singing voice and cynical phrases, neo-downer rap. A powerful, ecstatic voice that cannot be imagined from its faint, brittle, and disappearing appearance.

New generation artist 4s4ki which released entering five pieces EP "NEMNEM" from private label "SAD15mg" in this July releases a new song "missing thing"!

The song "Missing" is a song that curses God, noticing inequality that cannot be overturned since birth and imperfect self that is far from ideal.

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iTunes Store • オルタナティブ トップソング • 日本 • 10位 • 2019年9月4日 iTunes Store • オルタナティブ トップソング • スウェーデン • 13位 • 2019年9月30日 iTunes Store • 総合 トップソング • スウェーデン • 180位 • 2019年9月30日

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Spotify • キラキラポップ:ジャパン • 2019年9月24日


A new-generation artist who works on songwriting and arrangement as well as solo. March 2018 "I am a fool. Debuted. In August 2018, "Moldy" with Hashishi (Radio Girl) as a guest performance was released. In March 2019, the name was changed from "Asaki" to "4s4ki" and a private label "SAD15mg" was established. As a writer, his talents are diverse, such as stage music production for "Kemono Friends" and "SHOW BY ROCK !!", voice actor unit "Sandrion", GADORO and Shuri Uchida.

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