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  • Itaru Baba

    Itaru Baba is a multilingual vocalist and lyricist who is blessed with "ultra-emo voice". Born in Japan, raised in China, and spent his youth years in Australia. He started his music career with arai tasuku in 2016. He worked on the lyrics and vocals for the song "Dear Alice" in the movie "Alice in Dreamland". Later, he participated in a remix album of "Last Waltz" by world's end girlfriend alongside arai tasuku. After fully engaging in activities as the vocalist for arai tasuku, he took on the roles of lyricist and vocalist for singles like "0" and expanded his activities by participating in the live concert hosted by Mili,"Ou", and collaborating on songs. In September 2023, he participated as a vocalist, lyricist, and translator in world's end girlfriend's new album, "Resistance & The Blessing" marking the artist's first album release in seven years.

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