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One Family ~Everyone One Family~

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Presented by Yoshio Furuichi and Hironori Yatsumonji. For the first song, "To you in 50 years," I cried when I read the letter from the kamikaze corps displayed at the Chiran Peace Museum. If I was born 50 years later ... The second song, "My Love Song," has a lover who breaks up from a casual quarrel. A song of a man who can't say that he can't start over because of his pride. The third song "One Family-One Family I Don't See" All the people living on this earth are connected. A love song for the earth that calls for sharing rather than fighting.

Artist Profile

  • Yoshio Furuichi

    Started working as a lecturer in 2000, started singing original songs in 2016, and started working as a singing lecturer. Message songs gained from life's experiences continue to impress a wide range of people from children to the elderly. Lives and lectures have exceeded 1,300 times in 20 years.

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