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XinU is a music collective that has garnered a great deal of attention for its new sound, which swallows R&B, jazz, hip-hop, and folklore. The first song to be featured on "Sea of Love" is a surf and turf version of his masterpiece "Kodo". The cool finish, which adds a "sea" flavor to the original arrangement, is expected to be the newest surf track of the summer. This single cut from "Sea of Love 8," a collaborative album with the popular surf compilation series "HONEY meets ISLAND CAFE" and FM Yokohama's popular program "SHONAN by the Sea," will be distributed on June 28 (Wed.)!

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  • XinU

    XinU is Japanese singer teaming up with DJ/Producer Shohei Matsushita aka M-Swift and many musicians in her community.XinU releases a debut single "Kokokara" on October 20th,2021.Featuring her airy, hazy vocal known to bocome signature sound, XinU produces intimate, sedated songs by capturing the the spectrum of moments and emotions in the lives of Tokyo, as if you are spending time watching people walked by at the cafe in the city.XinU channels her backgrounds in R&B, Souls, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Flklore like no other, combining this with spell-binding, vicarious lyrics to relatable narrative.

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