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Singer-songwriter satori's new song "Diver" was written as part of the new project "FILM_SONG" by TuneCoreJapan and video director Junki Tachibana. The song was composed based on the concept of writing a song that could only be written here, overlapping his own image with the theme of the video, "We who are still nobody". From the introduction, the song weaves the story of people with a refrain that continues quietly and gently. The song's protagonist, a diver, also faces his own emotional struggles as he dives into the depths of his own mind. We hope you will watch the video and see how the diver, who has been a bystander, will reach the end of the story.

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  • satori

    Singer-songwriter who continues his musical activities while continuing his activities as a member of society [satori] A life-sized artist who spins the instability and imperfections that everyone has, and the weaknesses and strengths that are hidden in the heart. The songs that illuminate the listener's story are captivating and have gained the support of a wide range of generations. A multi-player that can handle all the work from songwriting to arrangement and mixing, and can produce various kinds of music regardless of genre.

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