1. hinokami, yamanokami
  2. Michinoku
  3. Emishi
  4. Arahabaki
  5. Aterui
  6. KamazukaniHarugakita

The second project from GEN SATO's present 1999 year which is also enrolled in STEELDRIVER. The hero of Mutsu who existed before 1200 years this time The concept album which wrote the battle between EMISHI and YAMATO Imperial Court. Starting songs of more than 15 minutes, spectacular and progressive symphonic heavy metal sounds with Japanese melodies and Japanese poetry, which are conscious of Japanese style.

cristal or nite

Metal project centered on Sato's present. It was a concept album depicting battle of the site tribe 1st in 1999 and 2nd in 2009. Symphonic Progressive Metal.

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