1. V.I.P.

DANCE & VOCAL GROUP AOS first delivery song.
A song that has been an ending recommendation song for 32 TV over-the-air broadcasts [MusicBB] for one month. Also on sale is a DVD containing the appearance of the first PV shooting.


DANCE & VOCAL GROUP AOS (AOS) After 3 years of idol training activities as AMAZO NIGHT, which is the basis of 3 AOS members have received Ren in September 2018, Began activities as a dance & vocal group with a focus on songwriting works by members. Since then, as of June 2019, they released M cards (music card)that have already had their live performance videos, and 2 MV (in DVD) have also been released 3 types. They are actively engaged in activities such as the publication of cartoons based on them. The album release is also decided in winter !! When they reach their first anniversary this fall, they will not only welcome new members but will also announce their individual activities one after another. Expanding the scope of their activities, they plan to land in various places in the future. [We are AOS to the Dream World] The music live, which starts with the screams, invites you into the world of dreams with its crisp dance and singing skills. A powerful group that members themselves perform from songwriting to choreography. The project teams that support the creation of sound is the ARMAND X. And also this Newcomer group have TWICE, SMAP, TM revolution, w-ind.s, Tohoshinki and others project teams of tour staff and tour back dancers of great artists.

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