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Sana Kisaragi's long-awaited original song "Moment" is now available for download!
This song, produced in commemoration of her first anniversary as a live streamer, embodies her desire to convey her feelings directly to everyone involved in her activities, as well as her experiences and emotions felt through her streaming and activities.

With lyrics and composition by Rem Katagiri of Lot Lop Pop Music, the song weaves a catchy melody with occasional beautifully ephemeral melodies, expressing the strength of the desire to walk forward with listeners beyond the present, through straightforward lyrics.

Furthermore, Atsusix and Yu Tanaka on guitars, and Maki Mouri on bass, each contribute their outstanding skills and expressions, adding to the rock taste of the song.

Sana Kisaragi's earnest expression of her inner strength and innocence, which is not usually shown, reaches the listener without embellishment, conveying the importance of sharing precious time together through this one song.

Artist Profile

  • Sana Kisaragi

    Engaged in artistic activities with the concept of "light × darkness," "beauty and transience," and "embracing one's true self." Having stepped back from active band participation and other vigorous engagements, there's a strong desire to continue making music in any form, leading to a fresh start in the realm of singing and live performances. With a husky vocal tone, navigating from powerful, straightforward melodies to delicate expressions with an almost fleeting voice, infusing songs with significant emotional fluctuations, crafting a unique hue.

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