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The first single by label founder JUNK SPORTS from the music label ``Open REC Source'' run by the sound bar ``OPEN SOURCE'' in Nakano.
We will welcome JUNKwalker from Kushiro, Hokkaido as a guest performer, and we will start a new culture locally.

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  • Junk Sports

    Nakano in Tokyo, Japan beat maker producer MIZUBATA started his DJ career in 2007. Started activities under the name beat maker JUNK SPORTS in 2015. Omnivorous of hiphop, abstract, DUB, etc. One of the people most influenced by DJ Krush and Black smoker. We also have a wide range of exchanges with fellow members DLiP. In 2016, released the album ZUBDUB, DJ KENSEI also praised it as "original TOKYO dub sound!" Also, a unit with beat maker YAGI Beat album Rainbow will be released in 2022 as kojo no tsuki outdoor festival BLUES LEE CAMP2018, Make BLUES LEE CAMP2022 a success. In 2021, we opened sound bar open source in Nakano. Launched music label Open REC Source in 2024 We will develop new experiments as a label.

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