098 (feat. LIB)のジャケット写真

098 (feat. LIB)


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  • Ra Tha God

    Based in the vibrant streets of Okinawa, Japan, Ra Tha God is breaking hiphop boundaries with his fresh, addictive blend of genres. Hailing originally from New Jersey, the rising rap star is on a mission to redefine hip-hop, make his mark on the world and have fun while doing it. Known for catchy hooks, bouncing melodies, and R&B-leaning vocals, Ra Tha God masterfully incorporates different vibes and styles into his sound. Whether it’s lo-chill or bass trap beats, the New Jersey rapper always delivers powerful punchlines and original metaphors in his own unique drip. Ra Tha God first started making music when he joined the Marine Corps, teaming up with friends to creatively collaborate. As the years rolled on, his rap hobby turned into a passion, which swiftly became a burning desire to pursue music professionally, a drive that’s fueled by his loved ones. Ra Tha God is bringing his special sauce to his brand new single, “Layover In Tokyo” featuring Young Deji (signed to Wiz Khalifa’s iconic label Taylor Gang). Ra Tha God is now in the studio working on his debut EP, set to drop this summer. Keep an eye out.


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