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[Pain to love: its concept, the
Soroartito (heren) vigorously pursues an activity
Started by two years

At last the long-awaited miniALBUM completed!

[Cat's tail]
-Go to become adults only
Just became a little dexterity but nothing ever changes
And have forgotten how to listen to the heart than in the past
To you. "Scratch one block. And the world now than it was when I finished listening to this ALBUM, so forgive any past.
Love that the temperature Pain to love!.

1. Overture-oveituie-
2. reverse again
3. yellow narcissus
4. squall
5. hakuro
6. H
7. cloudy sky tail cat

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  • heren

    JAPAN industrial MUSIC artists herein [The pain, to love.]

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