Reed Recorder Organic Music vol.3

  1. MOON RIVER (Reed recorder ver)
  2. Shiroi Koibitotachi (Reed recorder ver.)
  3. SWEET MEMORIES (Reed recorder ver.)
  4. Ai Sansan (Reed recorder ver.)
  5. Arigatou (Reed recorder ver.)
  6. Koi (Reed recorder ver.)
  7. TOP OF THE WORLD (Reed recorder ver.)
  8. Ame Nochi Hareruya (Reed recorder ver.)
  9. YAGSOG LEE SAN (Reed recorder ver.)
  10. Wa Japan

Healing music played with a recorder of a natural material made of plants by the waterfront called reed. That sound shakes the hearts of people with a unique rendition style. This album contains 10 songs of famous songs played by Reed recorder professional players Cyoimaru. Please be healed by the sounds played by Naturalist Cyoimaru. It is a work that you can enjoy from babies to adults.

Cyoi Maru

Japanese Iga Ninja Style conposer. Yoshibue player.

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