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Rapper "Draw4" from Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture will digitally release NEW SINGLE "Do Not Disturb" on various distribution sites on February 28, 2024, with a guest performance by rapper "Varie" who also lives in Hirakata City.

This song is a pre-released song from Draw4 NEW EP scheduled to be released on April 21, 2024.

It was supposed to be a party with only friends, but one or two people joined in, and before I knew it, the encounters from that night had blossomed into new lyrics and melodies. This is a song that depicts the night when I escaped from my painful and horrible life and played with you face to face.

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  • Draw4

    1998年大阪府枚方市産まれのRapper。2019年”いつまでも時の人間でありたい”をテーマに、KZ、TERU、LEAPを客演に、1st Album「Ride on Time」をリリース。大阪から地方へと活動範囲を広げる。翌年2020年には”この音楽が心の拠り所であるように”と空音、Rin音、テークエムを迎え、2nd Album「PARADISE」をリリース。大阪、東京でのワンマンLIVEを成功させる。Rapper、されど1人の人間。自分らしくありのままで訴えかける彼のLIVEは数多くのリスナーを魅了させる。2022年には客演にTERU、空音、炉馬(from kick tea)、EAGLEYEを招き、zyagyo(from kick tea)の全曲プロデュースの元、”ただ自分らしく、また新しく”をテーマにEP「RASHISA」をリリース。

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