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The lyricist, Naohiro Fujiwara, and the composer, JOMI.K, have formed a unit named "NO-GATE", seeking a new direction in music, and released their first album, "TOKYO AS FOREST". The seemingly contradictory keywords "Tokyo" and "forest" intertwine, creating a diffuse reflection that envelops the entire album. Fujiwara's characteristic visually evocative lyrics capture deeper psychological depictions in this work, while JOMI.K's melodious sound paints a world view that is more colorful and large-scale than ever before.

The album includes a love song titled "Something Like Romance", which portrays a boy-meets-girl story in a virtual space inhabited cynically by Generation Z. Other tracks such as "MIRAGE", which questions a chaotic, uncertain world on a laid-back sound, and "Nameless Night" that depicts a love perspective transcending generations and genders. In addition to these new songs capturing the zeitgeist, two songs, "Who is to blame?" and "Bay side story 3:00 AM", previously released under Naohiro Fujiwara's name, have been completely remade in a new soundscape.

Furthermore, alternative versions of "Something Like Romance" and "Nameless Night" are included exclusively in the album. When you listen to this profound album in its entirety, it invites you to a world of "TOKYO AS FOREST", filled with an imagination that can't be labeled.

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP ALBUMS • Russian Federation • TOP 1 • 13 Oct 2023 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP ALBUMS • Russian Federation • TOP 39 • 13 Oct 2023

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    The music production unit formed by Naohiro Fujiwara (lyricist and vocalist) and JOMI.K (composer and arranger). Originally active under the name "Naohiro Fujiwara with JOMI.K," they began releasing original tracks that transcend genre boundaries, including J-Pop, alternative, electronic, and rock, under the moniker "NO-GATE" from March 2022. They reinterpreted and remade "Bayside Story 3:00AM" and "Who is to blame?"--tracks from the album "Limit, Unlimit," originally released under Naohiro Fujiwara's name--as their first and second singles as NO-GATE, which attracted considerable attention. Additionally, they crafted a worldview reflecting the era with songs like "Something Like Romance," depicting encounters in the Reiwa era, and "MIRAGE," exploring the liminal space between dreams and reality. In May 2023, NO-GATE released their first album "TOKYO AS FOREST," which includes the track "Nameless Night." NO-GATE produces music that resonates across generations and genders, expressing borderless emotions with a unique sound and profound messages. In October 2023, their album "TOKYO AS FOREST" reached number one in the J-POP category of the Russian iTunes Store. Currently, every Wednesday, they broadcast an internet radio show called "Naohiro Fujiwara and JOMI.K's Midnight Desert" via podcast.

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