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The latest work on the theme of "reincarnation" sent by HAKLO, which celebrated its first anniversary.
Even though all the songs are "shoutless rock", songs like the opening theme of anime that perfectly blends catchiness and loudness are still alive.

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    From May 22, 2018, Koudai-koudai- (Vo.) Kubuki-fubuki- (Gt.) Sharp-ei- (Gt.) Bibi (Ba.) Miyavi (Dr.) . The concept is "shoutless lock". It has been less than a year since release, but released 3 single CDs and 2 mini album CDs. All the single CDs are sold out. In addition, 2nd Single "Serial Killer Girlfriend" recorded 10th place on Indies Oricon Chart. Along with this, distribution started at Karaoke DAM and JOY SOUND. ONEMAN LIVE has already been held in Osaka and Tokyo. On May 3rd, ONEMAN LIVE was held at Ikebukuro EDGE. After the Tomei Osaka ONEMAN LIVE TOUR starting in the summer of 2019, the ONEMAN LIVE will be held in December at the Takada Baba AREA, a live house with 450 people. Among the Visual Rock Bands, it is a young band with high expectations for many people in Japan for its excellent melody that is easy to hear with no shout rock.

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